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Our Activities

Technopark “Idea” renders the services essential for starting and doing innovative business. Services are intended for Technopark’s residents as well as physical and legal entities who become winners of programmes and contests held in the Republic of Tatarstan with the participation of the Technopark.

The services for innovative projects and Technopark’s residents are as follows:

  • access to high-tech equipment of the Nanotechnology Centre;

  • office spaces and industrial premises;

  • conference halls and negotiation rooms;

  • personal working places;

  • monitoring of the engineering communications;

  • office equipment;

  • office furniture;

  • qualified specialists for potential residents of the Technopark.

Informational services are as follows:

  • to provide on-line access to the regulatory documentation;

  • to provide equipment manuals necessary for project development;

  • to provide Internet access;

  • to provide telephone service;

  • to render assistance in drawing up, analysis and planning of the project business plans;

  • to provide analysis of competitors;

  • to develop marketing plans;

  • to promote the company to the interested parties;

  • to carry our marketing researches on raw materials, technologies and the manufactured products;

  • to arrange the company participation in contests and tenders;

  • to arrange participation in exhibitions;

  • to render assistance in preparation of presentations;

  • to render assistance in produced goods and services sales;

  • to place orders with enterprises;

  • to provide business information;

  • to provide manuals and catalogues;

  • to provide business design software;

  • to provide access to licenced Microsoft software for developers;

  • to provide accounting and legal services;

  • to render assistance in seals and punch production.

Academic services are as follows:

  • to provide educational means and training aids;

  • to provide a business library;

  • to arrange educational courses, workshops, trainings.

In addition to this, the Technopark invites field experts and business specialists to provide the following services:

  • legal services;

  • intellectual property management;

  • accounting;

  • audit and intellectual property appraisal, real estate appraisal, equipment appraisal and business appraisal;

  • engineering;

  • carrying out expert examination.

Intellectual property management services are as follows:

  • patenting of inventions, industrial prototypes, utility models, trade mark registrations, software;

  • correspondence with the Federal Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Service (Ruspatent) and the establishments under its authority;

  • prevention of any unfair competition, intellectual property rights violation;

  • participation in extrajudicial and judicial settlement of disputes, including representation of legal interests of the Principal in courts, administrative and law enforcement agencies;

  • translation of legal, scientific and technical documentation;

  • patent research;

  • rights protection and intellectual property protection consulting services;

  • preparation of exclusive intellectual property rights contracts;

  • any other assignments and services required for the intellectual property rights protection of the Principal in Russia and beyond its borders.


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