Business Services

1. Технопарк «Идея» предоставляет возможность размещения телекоммуникационного оборудования для резидентов и операторов связи в своих серверных.
2. Technopark “Idea” provides comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurs who create innovative products and services. For companies wishing to expand their activities outside of Russia, there is an opportunity to interact with our partner – the European Business & Innovation Centre Network, which provides a window to the European market. For more information about the terms and conditions, please contact us by email:
3. Students are tomorrow’s employees of the Technopark resident companies. Our experience shows that the best specialists are those whom the companies just raise from the student’s bench. For this purpose, a number of “Idea” residents have already created their own educational areas within the framework of cooperation with universities. For those who are looking for new personnel, the Technopark is ready to assist in working with universities and organizing internships and practical training for students in companies. Detailed information:
4. Additional financial support, including grants, allows companies to develop new innovative areas. Technopark, as a regional representative of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), provides consulting support, conducts training seminars and selection of projects. More information about business support programmes can be found here. Additional questions about participation in grant projects:
5. Every week the Technopark is visited by representatives of foreign and Russian companies, investors, government delegations, as well as potential partners, customers of products and services of resident companies. If your company is a resident of the Technopark, you can enter a pool of companies presented to delegations. If you want to learn more about the Technopark’s infrastructure and its residents, you can visit us with a guided tour by sending a request in advance to
6. Центр реверсивного инжиниринга Технопарка "Идея"
В технопарке и на площадках организаций-партнеров есть необходимое оборудование для комплексного решения задач реверсивного инжиниринга. У нас возможно осуществить:
Анализ количественного и качественного состава изделия;
Компьютерное моделирование, прототипирование и воспроизводство опытных партий;
Промышленное литье, механообработка и серийное изготовление;
Образовательные программы в интересах промышленных предприятий;
Заказать работу или обсудить детали можно по следующим координатам:
Tel: +7(987) 000-97-43 Фарида Гайнуллина
Директор по развитию Технопарка «Идея» Николай Абруков (843)5706850, доб.90-26
7. You can check the qualifications of hired specialists in the framework of an independent qualifications assessment. As a result, an employee can find out his strengths and weaknesses. Additional information:
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