Regional representative office of FASIE

Results of the regional representative office for 2020:


Every year about 200 applications are submitted for the regional selection of the programme “UMNIK” in the Republic of Tatarstan About. In 2017, 29 winners were selected, in 2018 - 43, in 2019 - 23, in 2020 - 24.

Traditionally, in the fall, Technopark “Idea” holds its semi-final “Crash test of projects: from “Eurek” to Practice!” It is one of the last before the final. So those who have put off applying for a year can take advantage of this chance. Applications are accepted in all areas of the competition. The final defense of the regional competition “UMNIK” is also held in the Technopark “Idea”.

Before the final, seminars are organized for participants to prepare for the presentations in order to eliminate annoying mistakes in the project reports.

Also, on the basis of the Technopark, the winners of the programme “UMNIK” can pass a pre-acceleration programme, which covers topics such as working with intellectual property, the basics of business design and promotion of a new product, and the rules for successful project presentation. Lectures and workshops are conducted by invited specialists from leading universities in Kazan and Moscow. This knowledge will be useful to those who will develop their project by applying for the next competition of the FASIE – “Start”.

In addition to the regional selection, FASIE also holds federal thematic competitions (“UMNIK-NTI”, “UMNIK-Digital Russia”, “UMNIK-Sberbank”, etc.). More details about these competitions and the dates for accepting applications can be found on the website of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.


We are glad that not only the number, but also the quality of applications submitted from the Republic of Tatarstan is growing from year to year. In 2020, 37 projects from Tatarstan won the programme “Start”, in total 790 projects were supported in Russia.

For comparison, in 2016 there were 22 projects, in 2017 - 31 projects, in 2018 - 28, in 2019 - 33. Technopark “Idea” tries to provide all possible support to those who dared to apply for the programme “Start”. So, in 2020, for the first time, we conducted a free pre-acceleration programme for startups “Get Started! Attention! March!”. Two applications were submitted for the programme “Start-1” and one of them became the winner, we helped two more projects to find a partner to implement the project.

Until 2020, face-to-face defense was held at the competition “Start-1” on the basis of the Technopark “Idea”, in 2020 this practice was discontinued due to the pandemic. We hope that soon life will return to its former course and the defenses will again take place at the site of the representative office.


In 2020, the FASIE held competitions “Development-NTI”, “Development – SOPR” and “Development - Digital Technologies”, in total 257 projects were supported in Russia, 4 projects from the Republic of Tatarstan.


Under the programme “Commercialization” 312 projects were supported in Russia in 2020, including 30 projects from Tatarstan.

If you are in doubt about your abilities, you can always contact us for advice on how to fill out an application or for a letter of recommendation.


Consultations: Mon-Fri from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Phone number: +7 (843) 570-68-50, ext. 93-41, 93-24


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