The Ministry for Communications and Informatization of the Russian Federation considers the Technopark “IDEA” as real center of high technologies.

12 december 2007

During the Global investment financial forum (Moscow) Russian minister for information technology and communication Leonid Reiman said that the first objects in Russian pilot technoparks are going to start working in the next 2008 year (By CNews – the largest edition in high technology sphere of Russian and CIS).

Reiman said that development of infrastructure of new construction objects has already started and the first investment agreements are planned to be signed. It is considered that technopark’s turnover will run up to $4.8 billion in 2011.   
The key mechanism of state support is currently revealed in co-funding the development of engineering, transport and other infrastructures of the objects under construction. Currently the given works are well under way. Simultaneously, investment agreements with large companies and investors are signed.

It should be noted, that President Vladimir Putin claimed the program to construct, develop and support techno parks to start in January 2005. The president stated then, that Russia had the qualified personnel and scientific developments necessary to develop high-tech. Besides, Mr. Putin highlighted, that the project to develop techno parks was of significant social importance, as new, prestigious and highly paid positions mainly for the young would be established.

Initially, techno parks were to be established on the basis of large scientific and educational centers in four regions. Finally, the state program adopted in March 2006 foresees techno parks to be constructed in seven regions, i.e. Moscow, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, and Tumen Regions, Republic of Tatarstan and St. Petersburg. In several months after that, the RF Government adopted a range of measure to establish techno parts in Russia. After that the development of business-plans, property execution and preparation of design documentation was launched. In 2007 techno parks construction has started.

The Ministry of Communications tells CNews, 2 bln. rubles ($ 81.7 mln.) have been invested from the federal budget into techno parks construction in 2007. A similar sum has been allocated from the regional budgets, where the pilot projects are developed. According to the Ministry of Communications, the techno park ‘Idea’ (Tatarstan) might be considered actually operating. On the base of the given project a larger techno part is being constructed.

Leonid Reiman has called the pilot techno parks ‘test areas for knowledge economy’. Each of them has a certain profile related to the regional specificity, practically all dramatically important technologies have been revealed in their specialization. Techno parks residential companies will be engaged in such spheres as biotechnologies, pharmaceutics, IT, service development for the oil and gas production.

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