Our History

Technopark “Idea” was created by a Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan and began work on February 5, 2004. Unlike many similar structures in Russia and the world, the “Idea” is commercial, self-funding structure and is not subsidized from the regional budget.

The infrastructural, socially-oriented project of the republican scale, according to estimates of domestic and foreign experts, has become a pioneer in the country, a kind of federal training platform.

The Technopark’s infrastructure allows to provide a full range of services and services necessary for the establishment and development of small innovative enterprises.

February 5, 2004
Opening of the Technopark

June 24, 2004
We created Technopark «Idea-Yugo-Vostok» in partnership with OAO «TATNEFT»
July 29, 2004
We created Kama Industrial Park «Master» in partnership with ОАО «Kamaz»
May 12, 2006
Federal Business Incubator was opened in the Technopark "Idea"
July 20, 2006
We created Management company «Idea Capital» to administer the sites of the Technopark "Idea", Technopolis "Himgrad" and Industrial Park "Chistopol"
2007 year
We won a Federal programme for the creation of technoparks in the field of high technologies. Technopolis "Himgrad" and IT-park were created in Tatarstan within the framework of the Programme
2009 year
We received an accreditation in the European Business & Innovation Centre Network 
2012 year
The first Russian Nanotechnology Centre was opened in the Technopark "Idea" in partnership with АО "Rusnano"
2013 year
The first Russian Centre for Youth Innovative Creativity was opened in the Technopark "Idea"

2017 year
The 4th Qualification Assessment Centre in the field of nanotechnology in Russia was opened on the basis of the Technopark "Idea"
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