How to combine ancient materials and modern technologies?

23 june 2021

This was told by Artyom Yurikov (13 years old), a winner of a competition “Shustrik” of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) in 2018.

Artyom has developed a printer for printing agricultural buildings; adobe will be used as a printing material.

The adobe is a building material made of clay soil, straw and sand, sometimes with the addition of manure. People learned about how to make adobe 5,000 years ago.  Adobe is used to make houses in the south of Russia and in Belarus.

The ancient cities of the Middle East are almost entirely adobe. The fact that even some of the Egyptian pyramids and part of the Great Wall of China were made of adobe can tell about the durability of the material.

The clay is kneaded, and then embroidered in open air. Most often, adobe bricks are made first, and then buildings are built from them.

Artyom’s printer consists of a tower and a manipulator rotating around it. The material for printing is squeezed out of the manipulator by a special pump. For the construction of adobe buildings, you will not need to make bricks, you can immediately print a building with the necessary characteristics. The material allows you to quickly build temporary buildings. During dismantling, there is no difficult-to-dispose of construction waste, all components are absolutely environmentally friendly.

For this development, Artyom was awarded a trip to Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution “International Children’s Centre “Artek”.

Artyom has many more ideas that can help solve various environmental problems. In May of this year, he again took part in the regional selection of the competition “SHUSTRIK” with a prototype of a catamaran for collecting microplastics from the surface of reservoirs.

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