Tatarstan Republic is to support innovative projects of gifted students.

5 june 2007

“Higher education institutes have to be more interested in the innovative sphere and collaborate closely with Innovative Technopark «Idea»”, - said Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov in the meeting of Cabinet Ministers on the organization of Tatarstan higher education institutes and Technopark «Idea» cooperation.

To stimulate innovative activity of higher education institutes the Government of Tatarstan Republic is ready to take out financial resources from the Republic budget. “We are interested in gifted students to be involved to the innovative process. We want them to create and develop ideas for further commercialization in the base of Technopark «Idea», - said Prime Minister. – To support student innovative projects the resources of the Republic budget and Investment and Venture Fund of Tatarstan Republic as well might be attracted”.

The First Vice-Prime Minister of Tatarstan Republic Ravil Muratov spoke in support of a proposal – to select talented third-year students of different higher education institutes and give them opportunity to realize their scientific potential in Business-Incubators.

Unfortunately, higher education institutes are not quite interested in collaboration with Technopark «Idea» - that is the opinion of Sergey Yushko, Director-General of Innovative Technopark “Idea”. He gave an example of the Second Regional Venture Fair, which will be hold in Kazan in July 12-13, 2007. From more than 30 projects supposed to take part in the Fair there are few project of the Republic higher education institutes.

“Nowadays Tatarstan Republic needs student scientific associations, - said Sergey Yushko. – I don’t see student scientific association works; I just don’t know they are absent. It is necessary to make student scientific effort more active - our republic has all resources for achieving this aim”.

While interviewing with pressmen Sergey Yushko mentioned, that first and foremost students should show interest themselves and, second, system work of interesting projects selecting and implementing have to be organized. “I know, there are a lot of innovative project in the bookcases of higher education institutes”, - Director-General of Technopark “Idea” added.

Sergey Yushko gave some examples of successful cooperation with Tatarstan higher education institutes, such as KazanState Technological University named by Tupolev, Kazan State Energy UniversityKazan State Agro Academy.

There are pro-rectors of scientific work of different Tatarstan higher education institutes in the meeting: Kazan StateEnergy UniversityKazan State Technological UniversityKazan State University named by Lenin, Kazan StateTechnological University named by Tupolev, Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute, Kazan State Agro Academy, Kazan State Agro Academy of Veterinary Medicine. Chief Executives of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Elabuga Business-Incubators also took part in the meeting.


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