The Qualification Assessment Center (QAC) in the nanotechnology industry was created on the basis of Close Joint-Stock Company “Innovative and Production Technopark “Idea” with the support of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs of RUSNANO (FIEP).

The results of QAC activities from May 2017 to December 2019:

  • 23 experts in the Council for Professional Qualifications were being trained and certified
  • 2 examination centers were opened in the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Kazan National Research Technological University” (Kazan) and Autonomous Institution “High Technology Technopark” (Khanty-Mansiysk)  
  • Evaluation tools for 162 professional qualifications in the field of nanostructured films were being developed and tested.
  • 5 professional exams were being conducted, including in the framework of a pilot qualification assessment.

The results of professional exams held in 2017:

  • 162 people took part in it
  • 101 people confirmed their professional qualifications
  • 61 people received conclusions with recommendations for the successful completion of the professional exams

Today, the system of professional standards is actively developing: many standards are being updated, new professional standards are being developed for new activities in various fields.

Since January 1, 2017 the Federal Law “On Independent Qualification Assessment” No. 238-FZ has come into force, within the framework of which specialists of organizations whose activities are subject to the requirement of a professional standard must undergo a qualification assessment on the basis of QAC.

QAC Certificate

Appendix to the Certificate

The main purpose of creating the Qualifications Assessment Center in the nanoindustry is to provide high-tech industries with qualified specialists, as a result, the ability of the nanoindustry sphere to compete with the economically developed countries of the world in the domestic and foreign markets.

The purpose and objectives of QAC:

  1. Carrying out independent qualification assessment of professional standards regulations.
  2. Development of personnel potential of nanoindustry enterprises, independent enterprises of related high-tech industries
  3. Increasing competitiveness in the labor market of applicants who have undergone independent qualification assessment.
  4. Assurance of conformity of the confirmed qualifications to the established requirements of professional standards.

In its activities, the Qualification Assessment Center in the nanoindustry is guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation, regulatory legal acts of the executive authorities, including orders and methodological documents of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, guidance and methodological documents of the National Council under the President of the Russian Federation on professional qualifications (NSPK), documents of the Council for Professional Qualifications in the nanoindustry (SPK).

Legislative documents

Federal Law dated of July 3, 2016 No.283 “On Independent Qualification Assessment”

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated of November 16, 2016 No. 1204 “On approval of the rules for the Qualification Assessment Center to carry out independent qualification assessment in the form of a professional exam”

Orders of the Ministry of Labor of Russia

Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated of December 19, 2016 No. 759n “On approval of requirements for Qualification Assessment Centers and the Procedure for selecting organizations for empowering it to conduct independent assessment of qualifications and terminate these powers”

Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated of December 12, 2016 No.726 “On approval of the procedure for developing the names of qualifications and qualification requirements for which an independent qualification assessment is carried out”

Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated of December 2, 2016 No.706n “On the approval of a sample application for independent qualification assessment and the Procedure for submitting such an application”

Read more about SPK in the nanotechnology industry here:


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