History of occurrence

The basic idea in creating the program was to support the scientific and innovative activities of young scientists and encourage them to commercialize their own ideas, including through the creation of small innovative enterprises. The creation of Small Innovative Enterprises was carried out within the framework of the FASIE programme “Start”, which needed an influx of active youth. That is why the programme “UMNIK” is aimed at students, postgraduates and young employees of universities, specialists from scientific organizations, representatives of small businesses.

A difference between the programme “UMNIK” and other existing programmes for supporting scientific and innovative projects of individuals is that it is practically the only programme in the Russian Federation aimed at obtaining a commercially oriented result that can later become the basis for creating a high technology business.

A grant amount of 500 thousand rubles is issued for 2 years for conducting research work.

Conditions of participation: citizens of the Russian Federation from 18 to 30 years old inclusive (who have not previously won the competition “UMNIK”).

Directions of the programme:

H1. Digital technology

H2. Medicine and health-saving technologies

H3. New materials and chemical technologies

H4. New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies

H5. Biotechnologies

H6. Resource-saving energy

To participate in the competition “UMNIK” you need to:

1. Choose the semifinal in which you will participate.

2. Fill out an application form in the online system of FASIE:

3. Pass the semifinal selection, which evaluates the scientific and technical level of a product underlying a project.

4. In case of victory in the semifinal, pass an impersonal examination (independent experts of FASIE evaluate the application submitted in the system, according to the criterion “scientific and technical level of the product underlying the project”)

5. Pass the final that traditionally is held in person in the Technopark “Idea”. Within the framework of the final, the prospects for commercialization of the project and the qualifications of the applicant are assessed.

6. The winners conclude a contract with FASIE to carry out research and development work and receive the grant of 500 thousand rubles for 2 years.

If you win the competition “UMNIK” you will need to:

1. Conclude a contract with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises for the implementation of research work (in the FASIE system: After that, you will receive the first part of the grant.

2. Perform the work according to the contract and a schedule. Prepare a report (according to GOST 7.32-2001), etc.

3. Defend the results of the 1st year work before regional expert jury. If the work is completed in full, you are transferred to the second year and receive the second part of the grant.

4. At the end of 2 years, the report is submitted in the system, all the obligations assumed under the contract are fulfilled (an application for a patent / registration of a computer program is submitted, pre-acceleration is passed, an application for the programme “Start” is submitted / an Small Innovative Enterprise is registered / a license is sold on the result of intellectual activity developed by you) and the contract is considered fulfilled.

What do you need to know about the grant?

1. The grant is your reward for conducting research work; it is unacceptable to spend grant funds on patenting, conducting seminars, etc.

2. 500 thousand rubles are transferred in two stages, the first stage is after the conclusion of the contract, the second stage is after the submission of the interim report.

3. The duration of the time period from the conclusion of the contract to the moment of transferring the grant is determined by FASIE, it is usually no more than 3 months.

4. The money is transferred to a bank card.

IMPORTANT! Perhaps a level of development of your project is quite high, and you already see the possibility of organizing your own business. In this case, you can consider applying not for the programme “UMNIK”, but immediately for the programme “Start”.

You can read the full information about the programme “UMNIK in the Regulations.

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