Technopark as a starting pad of prosperous IT-business. Success story of the company “NPP “GKS”.

20 february 2008

The scientific production enterprise “GKS” was founded in March, 2006. By now it’s a serious player in the market of the oil-and-gas sector. “NPP “GKS” positions itself as an engineering company, carrying-out complete complex of operations on projecting, production, delivery and implementation of balancing and commissioning, measurement assurance of deployment of various production control systems, quality registration and characterization of gaz, oil and oil-products using innovative ideas and technologies.

In 2006 the founder of the company and beginning entrepreneur, and at present the director Airat Sabirov at technico-economic council of Technopark “Idea’ presented a business plan: “Development and Reconstruction of Gasprom GMS”, having been permitted to organize a qualitatively new enterprise.

According to Airat Sabirov “Idea” was of chief importance at the primary development of the company. Business-incubator enabled not to think of such expenditure items as rent of space, purchasing computers for work and installing telephone, satisfied all necessities of a start-up enterprise. It’s great assistance to start-up companies.”

The currency of the subject of gas-measuring stations (GMS) of Gasprom Joint-Stock Company (OAO), and there’re thousands of them along Russia, and innovative technological approach to problem solving had played its part – Technopark liked the idea! The first wins were achieved very quickly. In 4 months of work the company got its first large order.

At present in the sphere of development of systems of gas condensate registration the scientific production enterprise “GKS” ranks far from the last in the market. Own innovative developments and partnership with Russian representatives of companies Emerson Process Management, Siemens AG, Yokogawa Electric, Schneider Electric make it possible to decide issues efficiently at projecting and delivering equipment of these companies, and to have flexible pricing policy.

In the development sphere “NPP “GKS” represents more than 40 highly qualified specialists, successfully collaborating with leading Russian institutes such as Federal Agency of technological regulation and metrology “Rostechregulirovanie”, FGU VNIIPO EMERCOM of RussiaMoscow and others.

In August, 2007 the company “NPP “GKS” won tendering for right of rendering services of measurement assurance of systems of stable and nonstable gas condensate registration. The tender was invited by the company Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO the Republic of Kazakhstan ), which deals with Karachaganak mine workings.

The Karachaganak deposit in West-Kazakhstan region is one of the largest oil-gas condensate fields in the world. At present Karachaganak is the largest investment project in Kazakhstan with amount of foreign capital investment more than $4.3 milliard.

The company diversification with conversion to holding-company is in the governance plan of “NPP “GKS”.

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