Digital professional examination started in Tatarstan

3 september 2021

The first professional exam in the Republic of Tatarstan, organized on the platform “ONLINE EXAM”, was held at the Technopark “Idea”. In total, the professional examination consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

An online applicant passed the theoretical part of the exam for the qualification “Specialist in personnel records management”; he will be able to pass the practical part within a year.

It should be noted that the Russian Government has been working in this direction for several years. In 2020, a pilot project of the National Agency for the Development of Qualifications for the centralized conduct of the theoretical part of professional exams using digital technologies was launched. The new digital platform “ONLINE EXAM” allows applicants to take the theoretical part of the professional examination at any of the 77 sites in 26 subjects of the Russian Federation for 79 professional qualifications.

An independent qualification assessment is a system generally recognized by employers to confirm professional knowledge and skills in various sectors of the economy. Thanks to the widespread introduction of digital technologies, the professional exam is becoming even closer and more accessible for every resident of the country, regardless of his place of residence.

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