ScienceTalks was held in the “Idea”: neo plaster, green technologies, vortex devices and more!

22 september 2021

Scientific stand-up - ScienceTalks took place today in the Technopark “Idea”.

ScienceTalks is a monthly event where young scientists compete in the skill of presenting their own project and development. It is important that projects are presented in a simple and understandable language without graphs and formulas.

Today 4 speakers, masters and postgraduates of Tatarstan universities, came to the microphone.

For the first time, Polina Bystrova, a third-year student of the Kazan National Chemical and Technology University, also spoke at ScienceTalks. She talked about her development, a neo plaster that can replace 15 layers of bandage! In addition, the neo plaster will be coated with a special substance that can be easily removed from the equal. It is planned that the price of such an invention will be even lower than that of traditional bandages.

Diana Shaikhutdinova from Kazan State Architecture and Civil Engineering University told about how many apartment buildings built using green technologies in Kazan.

The state of human health, or rather the structural features of the nervous system, ScienceTalks participants discussed with Artyom Surikov from Kazan State Medical University.

Vadim Zinnurov from Kazan State Power Engineering University spoke about the importance of particle classification and the creation of a vortex device. Vadim’s development has received a large number of awards, including a grant under the programme “UMNIK” from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE).

According to the results of the meeting, the winner of ScienceTalks, Artyom Surikov (KSMU) was determined by SMS voting.

Yuliya Kareeva, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Movement of young scientists in the Republic of Tatarstan, visited ScienceTalks for the first time and emphasized the importance of such events: “We support such events. Performing at such venues, in the informal setting, is a great experience. Thank you for the unusual format of the organizers. Special thanks to the guys who spoke today and were able to talk about science in a simple and accessible way.”

At the end of the year, the final science battle will be held, where the winner of Science Talks 2021 will be determined.

Note that such event has been taking place in the Technopark “Idea” since December 2019 and is aimed at popularizing science. Participation is free of charge. Before the performance, all participants go through a speaker’s school, within the framework of which they will develop materials that are truly accessible to a wide audience.

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