A career is a constructor, and it will be helped to collect it in the “Idea”!

9 march 2022

A business game “Career Constructor – 2022” will be held in the “Technopark “Idea” in Kazan on March 10, 2022. The event will allow Tatarstan students to build a successful professional and educational trajectory based on personal skills and qualities.

Students will take part in specialized master classes and get acquainted with the system of independent assessment of qualifications, tools for building a “Professional profile”, make a plan for the development of their successful career, learn effective presentation techniques, etc.

“The modern world is dynamic and encourages those who think deeply, act quickly and boldly. The business game “Career Constructor – 2022” is a unique platform where each participant will be able to upgrade their professional skills and build the trajectory for the development of exactly the career that they dreamed of. Our experience has shown that it is at such events that Tatarstan guys, young scientists learn about new opportunities and then undergo practical training at the enterprises of the republic and consolidate theoretical knowledge, which means that they get one step closer to the dream,” explained Oleg Ibragimov, CEO of the Technopark.

Note that the event is free for students and is held for the second year in a row. Last year, several dozen of students from 7 Tatarstan universities studied the specifics of building a career.

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