Students build a career and create prospects for development!

11 march 2022

Tatarstan students were able to open a window of opportunities and build a career trajectory at a Business game “Career Constructor”. The business game was held in the Innovative Technopark “Idea” and brought together 10 teams from 8 universities of the republic.

During the game, participants got acquainted with tools of the National Qualifications System, made a plan for the development of their successful career, studied effective presentation techniques, etc.

As Oleg Ibragimov, CEO of “Idea”, explained, a mission of “Idea” is to work with young people: “Technopark “Idea” is an institution for the development of the Republic of Tatarstan and this means that it is a guide for young people in those innovative initiatives that the republic supports. We are holding the event for the second year in a row and our experience has shown that students are interested. The youth environment has adopted this format and it is very significant for us.”

“The main message of the event is to show students what modern tools can be used to build a career after graduation. The business game helps students and young scientists to find points of contact between their theoretical knowledge and demands that employers make to future employees,” said Evgeny Malikov, Head of the External Relations and PR Department of “Idea”.

Oksana Lampsi, Head of the Qualification Assessment Centre (QAC) of the Technopark “Idea”, considers the identification and development of professional and personal competencies to be the most important element in building a successful career. The independent assessment of the qualifications of young specialists is in demand by the market and is one of the priority directions of the development of the Technopark “Idea”.

One of participants of the business game is a fourth-year student of Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU) Vadim Grishin. He said that he is studying to becomed an IT specialist and has been working by profession for a year: “In my field, it is important to constantly gain real experience. This is the only way to become a sought-after specialist. I learned about the qualifications assessment system for the first time today and now I want to find out what I am worth from the independent assessment and use these results for self-improvement.”

Vadim noted that he was already planning to take the exam: “Today we were well interested in this topic and I think not only I had a desire to study this topic and start moving in this direction. You can wait for an opportunity from life as much as you want, but we have to create these cases for ourselves.”

Following the results of the event, a jury evaluated the participants’ performances according to various criteria. Also, the participants themselves voted for the best presentation.

The results were distributed as follows: the first place - KNRTU, the second place - students from Kazan Federal University, and the third were students of the Kazan State Power Engineering University.

All participants were awarded certificates, and the winners received valuable prizes and diplomas from the Technopark “Idea”.

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