Tatarstan students take a professional examination

28 march 2022

Students of the Republic of Tatarstan take part in the All-Russian project “Professional examination for students” for the fourth year in a row. Graduates of universities and colleges confirm their professional qualifications for free of charge even before receiving a diploma of vocational education.

On March 28, 2022 the annual professional examination on the qualification “Specialist in the development and implementation of standardization documents at the Nanoindustry enterprise” was held for students of the Kazan National Research Technological University. Graduates of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Certification and Quality Management demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills in working with documentation. The professional examination was organized by the Qualifications Assessment Centre of the Technopark “Idea”.

  • An organizer of the project is the Basic Training Centre of Autonomous non-profit organization “National Agency for the Development of Qualifications”;
  • A curator in the Republic of Tatarstan is the Regional Methodological Centre for the development of the National Qualifications System in the Republic of Tatarstan Technopark “Idea”.

For questions regarding the organization of exams, please contact: +7 (843) 570-68-50 (ext. 97-49, ext. 97-53), e-mail:,

You can also pass the theoretical stage of the professional examination for free at the site of the Technopark “Idea” within the framework of the ANO “National Agency for the Development of Qualifications” project “Online Exam”. For organizational questions, please contact by phone: +7 (843) 570-68-50 (ext. 97-49), e-mail:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do I need to prepare for the exam?

Answer: It is necessary; examples of evaluation tools are available on the website

What documents are needed to pass the exam?

Answer: An application (form on the QAC website) and documents listed in the description of professional qualification (

Who takes the professional exam?

Answer: Professional examinations are taken by certified experts – carriers of qualifications.

Who develops evaluation tools?

Answer: Evaluation tools are developed by specialized specialists under the employer’s order and approved by the Councils for Professional Qualifications..

What document is issued based on the results of the exam?

Answer: According to the results of the exam, the applicant receives one of two documents: a Certificate of professional qualification, information about which is entered in the All-Russian Register, or a Conclusion with recommendations on what skills need to be improved for the successful completion of an independent assessment of qualifications.

The participant of the “Online exam” receives a Notification and the opportunity to pass the practical part of the professional examination during the year, or a Conclusion with recommendations and the opportunity to retake the theory.

We invite educational organizations to participate in the projects “Professional examination for Students” and “Online exam”.

Join the team of professionals!

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