Technopark “Idea” presented its projects at VI International Investment Forum in Sochi.

20 september 2007

VI International Investment Forum “Sochi-2007” opened in Sochi on September 20, 2007. The delegation of Tatarstan is headed by the Prime-minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Sochi Forum is the place of meeting and open dialogue of well-known politicians, legislative and executive authority leaders, industrialists and entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders, bank, international investment, consulting and insurance company executives. Members of accredited in Russia diplomatic and trade missions, representing European, Middle East, Asian and American countries, as well as delegations of businessmen and community leaders from CIS countries take part in the work of the Forum.

The Republic of Tatarstan is participating in the International Investment Forum for the second time. According to RT Minister of industry and trade Aleksandr Kogogin the economy of the Republic underwent essential changes, perspective plans of the last year are being imbodied today.

The joint exposition of the Republic of Tatarstan occupies a floor space of 200 square meters. The participants of the exhibition are OJSC “Innovative Technopark “Idea”, OJSC “KAMAZ”, OJSC “Kazan Helicopters Plant”, OJSC “KMPO”, OJSC “Nafis Cosmetics” and others, about 40 enterprises in total.

The Director-General of the OJSC “Innovative Technopark “Idea” Sergey Yushko will present four the most promising projects, developing in Technopark at present time: rotary-air-pump production technology, the project on development and production of dry aerodynamic firming for radial-flow compressor, cellular and molecular medicine centre, KAI-81 multi-mission microlight production and Technopark in high-tech industry, which is being realized in Kazan in the framework of the Federal Program.

For reference:

The Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation took the lead of holding the Forum «Sochi 2007». Today it has the status of an annual, all-Russian and international. The Forum is held by the authority ofKrasnodar Territory under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation in association with the Russian Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The number of participants is growing every year: 500 people took part in the I International Economic Forum “Kuban – 2002”, in 2006 4,4 thousand people from 53 regions of Russia and 14 countries were the participants of the anniversary celebrations.

Forum “Sochi” has become the congress of Russian and foreign businessmen, uniting together efforts of enterprises from different regions and countries to develop the economy of Russia. Kuban Forum has given start in life to many promising investment projects.


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